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NEW WAVE Band Seeks Electronic Drummer! [Aug. 28th, 2006|04:46 pm]
Detroit Deathrock


[music |David Wrench - "Superhorny"]

We're a NEW WAVE band from the Ann Arbor, MI area and we'd like to adopt a drummer with an electronic drum kit (not necessarily that one, though it *is* really cool) into our fold.

We are:
youngsoulrebelRuadhan: vocals
justyn1337Justyn: synths, backing vocals
Mo: synths, backing vocals

Our synth guys do synth/key and guitar and bass lines.  We're currently working on some cover songs for a Wayne Theatre restoration benefit performance and after that gig, we're going to work on adding original material and more "arty" performances (think like the old Klaus Nomi show).

Influences include: DEVO, Princess Tinymeat/Virgin Prunes, Gary Numan/Tubeway Army, Klaus Nomi, Japan, Visage, Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons, David Wrench, etc...

The covers we're working on include:
DEVO: "Blockhead", "Strange Pursuit" and "Smart Patrol"
Princess Tinymeat: "Angels In Pain"
Gary Numan: "Me! I Disconnect From You"

Owning your own equipment (including amp) is a must at this point, cos all of our amp outlets are currently being used.  Living in the or being willing to travel to area for practise is preferred.

Get a hold of Ruadhan via LJ and he'll get back to you within twenty-four hours, no later.